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Flax Linen

Linen is durable and long lasting but to get the most out of your purchase we suggest getting to know more about your product and the properties and know how to care for it properly.


What is flax 'Linen'?

Linen is a product from the versatile Flax plant generally grown in cooler climates with some of the finest quality linen cultivated in European countries. Linen is a naturally strong and unique fiber that requires minimal to no irrigation and pesticides to grow and produce. It can solely rely on the blessings of mother nature. This making linen an Eco-friendly and sustainable household must have.

Believe it or not but Linen properties become softer over time (it is also stronger when wet) and still maintains it's durability over the years, therefore only getting better and softer with age.  Keeping you warm in the winter and cooler in summer, It's a must have in your home.

Due to its tedious and much slower production process, Linen has been considered a luxury with quite a price tag attached to it but here at Loki & Co we believe all households deserve to spoil themselves with the finer things without breaking the bank. 

Wash & Care Instructions:

Do's Don'ts

Machine wash on a gentle cycle cold/warm or hand wash.

Wash linen with similar colours or separately.

Allow linen to air dry naturally once washed

Tumble dry on low until damp (then line dry) but recommend natural line drying.

Choose a gentle detergent or for delicate fabrics and Eco-friendly products.

If ironing, use medium heat.

Allow linen to air first when bringing them out of storage.

Do not dry clean.

When washing do not overload. Linen is highly absorbent so the more access to water the better.

Avoid all bleaching products or detergents that promote colour brightness.

Do not over dry as this can damage the fibres.

Do not wash with abrasive materials.

Do not store linen in plastic packaging/bags.



All Loki & Co linen products are 100% pure linen and are sourced from France and Belgium. All the final touches and sewing finishes are completed in China.


Product Dimensions

Size Product & Dimensions
Standard & King Pillowcases

Standard size

Zip/ Envelope Pillowcases: 50cm x 75cm 


King size

Zip/ Envelope Pillowcases: 50cm x 92cm 


Flat Sheet: 180cm x 250cm

Fitted Sheet: 100cm x 193cm + 38cm

Duvet Cover: 140cm x 210cm


Flat Sheet: 200cm x 250cm

Fitted Sheet: 138cm x 193cm + 38cm

Duvet Cover: 180cm x 210cm


Flat Sheet: 230cm x 260cm

Fitted Sheet: 153cm x 204cm + 38cm

Duvet Cover: 210cm x 210cm 


Flat Sheet: 260cm x 275cm 

Fitted Sheet: 183cm x 214cm + 38cm

Duvet Cover: 240cm x 210cm 

Super King 

Flat Sheet: 320cm x 270cm 

Fitted Sheet: 203cm x 203cm x + 50cm

Duvet Cover: 260cm x 260cm